Our Code of Conduct

Disconnect24 cares about the ones who use, contribute or manage our services.

Principles of Respect

We expect all users, including the ones who work on the service, to understand and comply to our belief that no party should be discriminated based on sexual orientation, gender, race or identity of any kind. All parties are to be given the same level of respect that anyone would expect.


In the case of moderation action, management decisions and/or other action that carries weight of any kind, all parties are required to be honest, unbiased and unprejudiced towards these actions. Disconnect24 encourages a work environment that everyone will enjoy.


All parties in DC24 must be responsible for their own actions. We are obliged in making sure we appropiately handle and use information, properly maintain the services to our best abilties and try to stop conflicts of interest from getting out of hand.

Standard Practices and Conduct

Developers of Disconnect24 must remain committed, maintain access to a computer and understand respectful use of the internet as much as possible.

It is to everyone's utmost importance to provide a transparent and open-source development workflow. All projects that are being worked on must remain open-source unless there is a specific and valid reason as to why the project is closed-sourced. Example: Projects that are DMCA Questionable may stay closed-sourced. However, a project that's closed-sourced because it's not finished will have to be made open-source. Any closed-source projects under the Disconnect24 banner will have a 30 day time period in order to comply to our standard practice.

Disciplinary Action

Complaints and reports of CoC violation must be taken seriously, if a report or complaint is proven to be true, then the user in question may receive a suspension from their position. Continued offences will lead to a complete ban from the project's Discord, VPS, GitHub and related networks. Closed-sourced projects will be either required to be open-source or Disconnect24 will no longer provide resources for that project. We fund our services to help the community and developers of other environments.

You can file a report or complaint to any of our developers. To ensure that your report is carried properly, avoid filing it to the developer in question.